7 Reasons to Attend Alice Smith School

Kuala Lumpur's Only Non-Profit International British School

Would you like to ensure your children have a seamless transition to other international schools? That they have the best chance at progressing to top universities? That they can attend a school with superior facilities, rich in diversity and with quality teaching staff? Look no further than The Alice Smith School.

Download the brochure to discover not only what makes our school unique, but one people are proud to attend.

Discover 7 reasons to attend The Alice Smith School, including:

  • Our transferable British curriculum

  • Our graduates progress to world-class universities 

  • Our quality facilities attract world-class faculty

  • Our convenient location and more! 


1. Innovative Curriculum

Innovative Curriculum

For children of all ages, our innovative approach to traditional British education helps foster character, emotional intelligence and grit.

As the oldest British international school in Malaysia, Roger Schultz, Head of School says, “This is a curriculum designed to help young people flourish academically and personally with an appropriate skill set to meet the challenges of a changing world.”

The curriculum both enriches and challenges students by offering a holistic and broad range of experiences that prepare them for further education and the competitive global workplace.

Through our curriculum:

  • Students develop a critical and analytical mind
  • Students sharpen their leadership skills
  • Students understand how better the effectuate change in a diverse community
  • Students are nurtured through coaching and reflection within small tutor groups
  • Students have access to personalised pathways which enable them to combine academic and enrichment options to suit their unique strengths, aspirations and needs

“Alice Smith constantly encourages us to be inquisitive and to be creative, and I think it is here where students are cultivated to be curious and to always think outside the box.”

- Valerie Ho, Alice Smith Scholar, 2017 - 2019, University of Warwick (CIMB ASEAN Scholarship)

2. Quality Teaching Staff

Through an innovative, 21st-century approach to the traditional British Curriculum and purposefully-built facilities, we attract a world-class teaching staff with a significant percentage of them being expat teachers.

teachers from uK and average tenure

Our teachers not only have a proven track record of professional success in achieving the best academic outcomes for their students, but they also have an impact beyond the classroom through leadership experience and through the provision of developmental experiences for children outside the curriculum; such as, through sports coaching, adventurous activities, the arts or intellectual enrichment.

Quality Teaching Staff

Each member of our team have the following five characteristics:

  1. A love of working with young people
  2. Unparalleled knowledge of their expertise and commitment to lifelong learning
  3. Collaborative, a true team player
  4. Hard-working
  5. Positive and solutions-focused

3. University Progressions

University Progressions

Higher education provision is a core part of our Sixth Form package with the focus aimed at understanding what American counsellors call the ‘right fit’ university for each student.

“We look at their academic ability, professional objectives, extracurricular interests and even personality traits to help guide students to the right university for them.”

- Joe Marshall, Head of Higher Education

Students approaching graduation have a Higher Education Coordinator to answer questions and guide them to ensure they have the courses they need to gain admission to their top choice university.

There is also a Higher Education Programme to help students with their decisions. This programme is based on the ethos of the following:

  • Inform: We aim to provide each student with information, tools and resources to enable them to effectively research Higher Education options.
  • Guide: Choosing a university can be overwhelming given the breadth of information. At Alice Smith, we talk through options and offer guidance for each student and discuss the pros and cons with them.
  • Support: As students make their Higher Education decisions, we will support them in realising their plans.

Download the brochure to discover not only what makes our school unique, but why people are proud to attend.


4. Purposeful-Built Facilities Significantly Aid Student Learning

Purposeful-Built Facilities Significantly Aid Student Learning

Modern, fresh, vibrant, clean, comfortable, bright, open. Classrooms that appear similar to what one would find on a university campus. Picturesque buildings constructed in such a way as to let fresh air run through the open areas. Resources all around that inspire creativity within our students. Comfortable seating areas scattered around the campus so that the moment a student is inspired, they have somewhere to sit down and get to work.

These are what our families see the moment they walk through our doors. These types of learning environments inspire students with the choices they have in how they learn. Our modern learning spaces are designed to be adaptable and responsive in their use and foster a collaborative learning environment, enabling students to work in groups or individually. It facilitates teaching and learning in different ways - for all types of learners and all ages.

This evolution is to ensure students develop skills they need to be successful in an increasingly global marketplace. In a 21st-century learning environment, traditional classrooms are replaced by adjustable, technology-rich-environments, which facilitate all types of learning activities from individual research to classroom discussions to collaborative large-scale projects.

5. A Campus Rich in Diversity

nationalities and founding nations

At Alice Smith School, 82% of our teachers come from the UK and many of the others are specialist language teachers from Europe or local Bahasa teachers.

According to an Alice Smith alumna, Sanngeeta Nadarajan, diversity is what makes us unique and witnessing a diverse campus helps shape your perspective in a healthy way.

“Culture influences and shapes the lens through which we view the world and diversity is not always about our heritage, but what makes us unique as individuals.”

A Campus Rich in Diversity

6. Prime Location with Modern School Transportation

Prime Location with Modern School Transportation

Our Primary and Secondary Campuses are located only 20 minutes from one another. They are also a short distance away from Kuala Lumpur’s exciting city centre with the Secondary Campus just over a 30 minute drive and the Primary Campus only 10 minutes away from the downtown core.

“The travel times are very manageable and although the Secondary Campus is further away geographically, because of the new highway and the fact we are heading out of the city we experience much less traffic, it is only about 10 minutes extra travel time.

- Andrea Grassby, a mother of children attending both campuses at the Alice Smith School

7. Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships and Bursahttps://welcome.alice-smith.edu.my/hs-fs/hubfs/CTAs%20and%20Mockups/KLASS-mockup-reasons-to-attend.png?width=750&name=KLASS-mockup-reasons-to-attend.pngries

Through our scholarship programme, we are able to support young individuals in pursuing their ambitions for higher education and future careers.

There are three types of scholarships available in Secondary School, in addition to bursaries for current students continuing into the Sixth Form.


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