Switch: Getting from there to here

When it comes to switching schools, there’s a lot at stake. As a parent you know that your child’s learning environment impacts much more than just grades. It influences how they grow socially, emotionally, academically, and physically. Families who are able to find the right fit see their children thrive in the classroom and beyond.

Our free ebook was designed for parents and families just like you—who are exploring a change and want to make sure they get it right. On the pages ahead we’ve produced an Admissions checklist to use when visiting your shortlisted schools, suggested some ways you can narrow your choice of school down to a manageable shortlist and also show you the opportunities your child would have with Alice Smith School.

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So what exactly warrants a switch? What does an Alice Smith Student look like? Create a Complimentary, Personalised Viewbook

So what exactly warrants a switch?

There are a lot of good reasons to consider changing schools. Maybe you’re concerned with how your school has dealt with the pandemic and are looking for a school that has successful ways of teaching both in person and at a distance. Perhaps your child is dealing with social issues and you’re looking for a more positive atmosphere.

Many families desire a nurturing environment that focuses on academic preparedness, as well as social and emotional growth - where children gain confidence to pursue their unique passions. Parents and students alike want to know they are going to find community and receive the support they need on their educational journey.

“We are a forward thinking, leading, not for profit international school in Kuala Lumpur, with an excellent reputation world-wide for providing an outstanding education.”

- Roger Schultz, Head of School

What exactly identifies us as an outstanding school in Malaysia?


Our Truly British Education

At Alice Smith, we utilise a curriculum modelled on the British National Curriculum to ensure your children receive an internationally recognised education that will prepare them for any path they choose.

Our innovative approach to a traditional British education helps our students foster character, emotional intelligence and grit.


Our Transferable Curriculum

One advantage of utilising a curriculum that is widely used internationally is the ease at which our students are able to adapt to learning environments elsewhere.

Our curriculum is designed so students can easily pick up their education no matter where they end up in the world.

“We work closely with the schools to which our departing students are transferring to ensure alignment of curriculum/exam syllabus, where necessary. We also provide a wealth of information which allows the receiving school to understand a student's strengths and needs in order that they are able to maintain their learning with minimal disruption.”

- David Potts, Vice Principal of Learning and Teaching on our Secondary Campus

Learn more about what our curriculum looks like in each Key Stage.


Our High Quality Teaching Staff

At Alice Smith, we place a high value on our teaching staff. As a Tier 1 school in Malaysia, we are able to attract top teachers from around the world.

On average, our teachers have a tenure of six years and 83% of our staff are from the UK.

Our Tier 1 school teachers:

  1. Love working with young people
  2. Know their trade and are committed to lifelong learning
  3. Are collaborative
  4. Work hard in everything they do
  5. Are positive and solution-focused

Here at Alice Smith, we are committed to continually investing in developing our staff’s skills and performing quality assurances tests to ensure they are performing to expectations. These tests were recently recognised by the Council of British International Schools Overseas (COBIS), as well as receiving the UK Institute of Education's Professional Development Quality Mark.


We are Not-For-Profit

As the oldest not-for-profit British school in Malaysia, we invest our funding into providing a quality education for your children. All of our decisions at Alice Smith are made with the success of your children in mind, and our student success rates prove this.

The benefits of being a not-for-profit include:

  1. All resources go back to the school
  2. There is greater parental involvement
  3. There is better governance


Our Academic Results

Our academic results consistently rank us as excellent, placing us among the best British international schools in the world.

Our students consistently achieve high marks in both (I)GCSE and A Level examinations. Year after year, we are incredibly proud of our students’ attainment and our 2021 results are no exception.

Our 2021 Sixth Form cohort achieved a 100% pass rate with 67% of all grades at A* or A and 82% A* - B. 

At (I)GCSE, 60% of students were awarded grades 8-9 ( equivalent to A* and above), 76% A* or A (grades 9-7) and 98% were awarded A* to C (grades 9-4).


Find out more about our academic results.

What does an Alice Smith Student look like?

“Alice Smith is a warm school, everyone is always very friendly and smiley.”

- Kelly Johnstone, an Alice Smith parent

To ensure this warm atmosphere and sense of community on our campus, we nurture our learners to be happy, healthy, resilient and self-assured as we understand these attributes help students learn better and have more successful lives.

Our learners are:

  • Happy and healthy
  • Respectful
  • Community minded
  • Independent learners
  • Communicators
  • Problem solvers
“We want our students to experience the excitement of discovering that they are capable of achieving more than they thought possible. We encourage them to embrace new opportunities and challenge and support them in developing resilience and determination.”

Students developing resilience and determination in their Tier 1 school

Create a Complimentary, Personalised Viewbook

In just a few clicks, you can create your very own viewbook to see exactly what your children’s education will look like at a Tier 1 school.

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You can revisit your viewbook, edit, print, share with your family and friends, schedule a campus visit or connect with our admissions team, all from your personalised viewbook.

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